​​Inauguration of Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Cell

The D. Y. Patil Hospital and Research Centre in Navi Mumbai played host to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis for inauguration of a Charitable Ward Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Cell to cater to Kids with Heart Diseases.
Last week, while responding to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis call of helping the poor with the help of medical professional’s expertise, D Y Patil management decided to contribute significantly with all its resources. Hence when the Chief Minister’s Medical assistance Cell approached Dr Vijay Patil, President, D. Y. Patil University Navi Mumbai  for the help, he was quick to respond to their call and asked his administrative team to help these patients free of cost. Asked about his decision, Dr Vijay Patil said, “When I heard about the sincere and empathetic effort by Shri Devendra Fadnvisji, about helping the innocent kids with heart diseases, I was personally moved and hence I asked my administrative staff to co-ordinate with Mr. Omprakash Shete, Chief, Chief Minister’s Medical Assistance Cell, Mantralaya. They all discussed and decided to admit the patients in our hospital. Then we decided to have separate ward to cater to the needs of all these pediatric patients.  The Chief Minister’s office decided to mobilize the patients of Sangli district and they have been admitted in our hospital.”
Mr. Devendra Fadnavis showed keen interest in the entire development and he agreed to visit the hospital personally to interact with the kids and their family members. On 4th December 2015, the special ward was inaugurated by the Chief Minister. The program was also attended by Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil, founder and Ex-Governor of Tripura-Bihar, Dr. Ajeenkya D. Y. Patil, President; Ajeenkya D. Y. Patil University, Dr. Sanjay Oak, Vice Chancellor, D. Y. Patil University Navi Mumbai, Dr. Priya Patil, Medical Director, D. Y. Patil Hospital and other dignitaries. While speaking during the program, he lauded the humanitarian approach of the Medical School and Hospital by providing free cardiac surgeries to the poor kids from Sangli District. He also appreciated the Sangli District Collector and his team of Chief Minister’s medical assistance Cell for coordinating with Dr. Vijay Patil and arranging the help. Chief Minister also gave good wishes for the current project of D. Y. Patil School of Medicine.

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