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Code Of Conduct by student

A) General code of Conduct

1. The student shall maintain discipline within the campus and outside the institution and ensure that the student does not bring the institution or the establishment into disrespect.

2. Students are expected to avoid any form of behavior and ensure that no act of his/her purposely or otherwise brings the institute or school in disrepute.

3. Students are required to carry their ID cards given by the college within the Campus.

4. The Students must present in proper dress code with apron/ lab coat, name badge and identity card on all working days and during clinical duties.

5. Smoking, Drinking, and gambling in any form within the campus premises are strictly prohibited.

6. Mobile phones or other such communication devices should not be used during on-going Lecture sessions or practical.

7. In case of illness, the student must inform the teacher in charge and must produce the necessary medical certificate within 7 days.

B) The student shall constitute indiscipline or misconduct if they indulge in

a. Obstruction to any student or group of students in any legitimate activities, in classrooms/laboratories/hospitals or places of playgrounds, social and cultural activities within the campus of the Institute.

b. Indulging in any act which would cause embarrassment or annoyance or defamed to any student/authority/staff of the institution.

c. Any act whether direct or indirect through the media or newspapers and / or other media, by which, in the opinion of the competent authority the college and school stand defamed

d. Stealing or damaging the property of the school like tampering with laboratory equipment’s/instruments, wall fixtures, furniture, books, windows panels, etc. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who involved in it.

e. Storing or sharing any unauthorized records is strictly prohibited.

f. Suppressing material information or supply of false information to the college and Institute, for seeking any privilege.

g. Possessing or using any firearms, lethal weapons, explosives, or dangerous or corrosive substances on the premises of the college, hostel, playground, and Institute.

C). Students are NOT allowed to occupy or use the Director’s room, Faculty rooms, Conference rooms, or Administrative office without explicit permission from the concerned authority.

a) Every student, during his course of studies, shall be under disciplinary jurisdiction of the competent authority which shall take appropriate action, in case of indiscipline, misconduct on part of the student

b). Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the college/department/classroom as well as outside the institution as per the UGC anti-ragging Regulations. Any individual or group of individuals who indulge in an act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline and such individual/ groups shall be dealt with as per the ordinance. This includes individual or collective acts or practices that involve physical assault or threat or use of physical force, which violate the status, dignity, and honour of any student.

c) It is mandatory to fill the Anti-Ragging undertaking, by every student at the time of the admission and on commencement of every academic year.

d)The lecture sessions or Clinical postings are scheduled to start at 9. 00 am on all working days as per the mentioned timetable.

e)No student can enter or leave the lecture session while the lecture session is in progress, without the permission of the concerned faculty.

f)The student shall conduct himself/herself properly and maintains proper behavior and does not disturb the conduct of the on-going lecture/practical’s/ clinical postings.

g) . During the progress of various lecture sessions, all students should maintain silence in the campus premises.

D)) Library Rules and Regulations:

1. Students are allowed to the library only on the production of their authorized/valid Identity Cards.

2. Books will be issued on the presentation of the school/institution ID card. Only one book will be issued per card for a period of 1 week.

3. Reference books will be issued at 2.00 pm & to be returned next day morning by 10.00 am

4. Books borrowed should be returned on or before the due date stamped, if returned late overdue fine will be charged for the delayed period.

Students are required to handle the books/ Journal very carefully; marking with pencil, writing, or highlighting, tearing the pages, or mutilating the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such a case, the student shall be held responsible unless these are brought to the notice of the librarian at the time of issue.

6. If the books misplaced/lost by the student, then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or will pay the cost of the book after getting permission from the librarian.

7.All students will be governed by the rules stated above and by those that will be framed from time to time during the academic year.