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Mentorship Committee

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr. Renuka Desai, Professor Convenor
2 Dr. Aishwarya Swaminathan Associate Professor Co-convenor
3 Dr. Aparna Rao Associate Professor Member
4 Dr. Aditi Kulkarni Associate Professor, Member
5 Dr. Vanashree Nalawade Assistant Professor, School of OT Member

Mentoring system facilitates the process of giving support and guidance to students/mentees. At the beginning of the academic year, all students are allotted a mentor, who is usually a teacher they meet often in the class or laboratory. Mentoring happens at individual as well as group level.

Mentoring provides information, guidance and encouragement to students, nurturing their aspirations. It involves the provision of career, social and emotional support to students. Mentoring focuses and motivates students toward achieving academic/career goals.