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Code Of Conduct

School of Architecture strictly enforces the following code of conduct for all activities of students on-campus and off-campus. The aim is to create a safe and conducive learning environment that nurtures the growth of students while upholding reputation of the institute.

1) Students must behave in disciplined manner at all times, uphold highest levels of integrity at all times and refrain from misconduct in any manner.

2) Students must respect each other, faculty members, administrative and support staff.

3) Students must not damage college property and belongings of fellow students, faculty members and staff.

4) Students shall not discriminate against any individual on basis of gender, religion, caste, race, family status, gender identity etc,

5) Students shall adhere to a proper dress code on campus appropriate for a budding professional.

6) Students shall not click any photographs or record any audio / video of any person, location, lectures without the explicit consent of authorities.

7) Students shall maintain honesty, integrity and sanctity during sessional submissions, examinations, viva voce etc

8) Students shall actively participate in all activities of the campus, including social work and other community welfare activities.