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Community Activities

Old Age Home and Orphange Visit

From good shelter to good clothing, we never thought how life would be without them. Our students of Architecture visited the ‘Vatsalya Trust’in Navi Mumbai on 18th December. From clothes and food items to books, the Student Council of D Y Patil School of Architecture had put their full effort in supporting the Old age home.
We were left speechless by the contrast between the city life and ‘life at the old age home and orphanage’. We were happy to speak to each and every person in the old age home and were ushered with well wishes and blessings from them. It was a pleasure to play and interact with the children also.
All came back with the fact about how lucky we are the ones who have care, love and protection we can say. They say everyone is equal and one. And that is why, our students take full importance in changing their minds, and making them feel there is something beyond nothing.

Tree Plantation

We, at Dr. D Y Patil School of Architecture propagate sustainable ways in all our practices. I am happy to see the high enthusiasm exhibited by the students who have come forth for the drive. Let us all pledge not only to plant trees but also nurture them.” Our School promote following trees:
NEEM - protects our environment in flood control, reduced soil erosion and less salinization.
AMLA – a tropical tree with great medicinal properties.
MANGO - trees help to filter water, combat salinity, clean the air and increase flows into water catchments. They also provide food and shelter not only to humans but also to wildlife.