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Our Alumni Our Pride

Our Alumni Our Pride

Witnessing the progress of our alumni gives us immense gratification. Their successful journey into the professional world is an inspiration for our current students. Therefore, we regularly invite our alumni to visit the campus and enlighten the students on the nitty-gritty of the corporate world.
Alumni are the ambassadors of the college. They have contributed immensely with their knowledge and skill. They have played a very important role in creating a unique vision and brought identity on a different plane for our college. They have made us proud with their achievements and have given us their invaluable feedback from time to time. We hope that they go on to achieve greater milestones in their lives.

Goals and Objective

To achieve these goals the institution has created an Alumni group which runs a plat form, this group has mixed bag of faculties and certain interested alumni’s which willingly have come forward to maintain and create a substantial status of the college.

1) To refresh the old memories and to network with one another, both socially and professionally.
The alumni group role is fairly simple to achieve a strong building of web of network, this network is a formation of social bonds and mores so over a professional bond, it is so important for the students to know when they step into the professional world that they have a cushion of their seniors who have created a path which they can opt to follow. The social networking also creates a platform for those who have lost track of each other and want to reconnect. It becomes a total win scenario for the students as well as department.

2) To provide a forum for alumni to maintain bonds that can prove to be an invaluable career asset.
The bonds also strengthens very fundamental part of one’s life the, pedestals of career, to reach that requires resources and help, this help rather than asking from strangers it can be pooled and resourced not just now within the community but within the people we know, DYPSOA alumni platform promotes the idea of the bonds of college when shared in professional world become INVALUABLE CAREER ASSETS.

3) To provide a common platform provided for passed out students / Alumni of DYPSOA
This idea is fairly simple in form of execution, faculties get in touch with the Alumni and bring them on board to create a platform. This platform shall work on different levels and scale, it congregates every month based upon the requirement and starts putting up discussions towards the fundamental goals to be achieved in a particular year. A virtual meet and physical discussions take place, it also creates a list of firms that alumni work at or have started, list of government agencies the alumni work at is also created and an entire document is to be prepared every year as database. Students are handed over the list to create a stepping stone for their profession outcome and at the same time alumni also have the opportunity to absorb students by judging their work and setting up interviews in their respective office or if one can create campus interviews for the same. This is the basic functioning of the platform.

4) To appreciate the Alumni for their contribution towards Institute as their Alma matter
Every year a major event called as Alumni Meet is hosted by the institution, that time all active and passive members are called upon through the help of this platform. The DYPSOA, takes the opportunity in the event to congratulate and so gratitude towards the Alumni and their contribution towards the society and especially towards the institution, how this institution appreciates them as its Alma Matter and its growth.

5) To strengthen the bond of brotherhood among Alumni.
During this event it tries to strengthen the bond of brotherhood for being part of the DYPSOA and appeals to them to carry the flag to all parts of the world. It also works towards celebrating the work of alumni and congratulating them towards the achievement in life in every aspect.
Thus this platform becomes key towards inculcating professional values and being rooted towards the institution, it develops opportunities and also helps in staying connected.