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Diploma in Yoga / Yoga Therapy

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1) Course Overview:

Yoga was one of the most important subjects of study in our ancient schools of learning. In the present day life which is associated with stress causing a number of psychosomatic diseases, yogic sciences occupy a special significance. This course will provide new avenues to the students to learn, practice and propagate the techniques of this ancient science. It is the need of the hour to have institutionally qualified and trained professionals of Yoga Science for its instruction, propagation and conservation in its true spirit. The institution trained Diploma holders from our University can understand the discipline holistically and ably impart this ancient knowledge to for the greater good of the community.


1. Minimum Age – 18 years
2. Qualification – Minimum 12th Passed
3. Languages – Hindi & English (for Therapy Yoga only English)
4. Student should not suffer from any chronic illness which will Prevent him/her to practice & teach Yoga

Duration of Course

1 Year

Calendar Year

July 2022-June 2023

List of Documents

1) Four passport size photographs
2) Xerox of educational qualification
3) Residential Proof
4) Fitness certificate by doctors if required


7 Subjects

Yearly Syllabus

(A) 1. Foundation & philosophy of yogic science
2. Yoga sutra
3. Practical aspects of yogic science (Theory & Practical)
4. Anatomy of human body

(B) 1. Principles of Yoga Therapy:
2. Relevance of yoga Therapy as per traditional text:
3. Practical Applications of Yoga Therapy:
4. Human Anatomy & Diseases:

Grading System

Minimum 40% in Each subject- Theory and practicals

Contact Details

Shivkumar Mishra 9322920332 / 9323920332

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