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Duties & Responsibilities of Students

  • Attending classes on time and regularly minimum 80% attendance is mandatory to appear for final university exam.
  • Being well dressed, carrying I card provided by School.
  • Taking good care of school property maintain cleanliness.
  • Ragging is a offence and in DYPSOA we do not promote any activity which can disturb any student Physically or Mentally. It is a moral responsibility to follow strictly the rules and regulations instructed by Anti-Ragging Committee.
  • Completing all assignments, Journals regularly.
  • Regularly Participate in various classroom activities.
  • Switch of Tubes light, Fans in classroom whenever not required.
  • Participate in various extracurricular activates like sports and cultural events.
  • Maintain good behaviors and discipline and never indulge in malpractices like Ragging.
  • In College campus put your mobile on silent mode especially during attending classless and Clinics.
  • If you have any query or difficulty you can raise complaint through CR and LR of your respective class or you can approach to General secretary (GS) of student’s council.