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Free check-up and treatment camp for P.C.O.D & Menstrual disorders

Free check-up and treatment camp for P.C.O.D & Menstrual disorders Date: 07/10/2021

On the occasion of Azadika Amrit Mohatsav Stree Roga and Prasuti Department of D.Y.Patil School of Ayurvedaa, Nerul, Navi Mumbai organized a Free Health Check-Up camp for ladies in collaboration with Shri Kalpesh Mhatre (B.J.P Youth Secretary), Mrs. SarojKalpeshMhatre (CRP MahilaBachat Gat) at Koproli, Uran, Navi Mumbai on Tuesday 5th October 2021.

Time – 11.00 AM to 4:00 pm.

Highlights of Event:

1) This initiative was taken by our Dean Dr.Mahesh Kumar Harit. Sir always encourages us for such programs.
2) Ensuring aseptic precautions along with the social distancing program started at 10:30 am.
3) Camp was inaugurated byDr.DivyaRamugade (HOD & Professor) .
4) Chief Guest for the camp wereShou.Alka Satheesh Mhatre (Sarpanch Gra.P.Koproli)
5) News coverage of camp is done byRaigad Nagari , Pudari, Shiv nirnay.

Youtube Links of Programme-पी-सी-ओ-डी-व-मासिक-पाळी-तक्र/

The objective of the event:

• Screening for P.C.O.D with signs, symptoms, and awareness for adolescent health.
• Screening for early signs of cervical cancer or precancerous conditions.
• Create Cancer awareness and remove the stigma and fear attached.
• Providing Free Health care service to the community.
• Diagnosing and treating Ladies patients from all age groups having various health issues.
• Exposure of health care service to the students and Interns.

Venue of the Event- Ra.Ni.Pa.Pra. ShalaKoproli, Uran, Navi Mumbai.

Activities conducted in the event:

“P.C.O.D. Awareness” and “Adolescent health care” lecture was given by Dr.DivyaRamugade (HOD and Professor) to the patients. Madam educated adolescent girls and their parents about the P.C.O.D Symptoms and for women educated about cervical cancer.

For adults Per speculum examination of symptomatic patients conducted with disposable Cusco’s speculum

Ladies from all age groups having various health issues were diagnosed and treated.

Ayurvedic medicines were dispensed to patients according to their ailments.

Advice regarding the changes to be done in their dietary and daily regimens was given.

Patients needing IPD care were suggested to visit IPD at the D.Y.PatilAyurvedic College.

Details of Teacher participants: Dr.DivyaRamugade (HOD and Professor)

Dr.AjitaBhise (Assistant Professor)

Dr.SireeshaKaranam (Assistant Professor)

Details of Students and Interns participants: Dr.Anila Nair (Swasthavritta P.G. Student) and 4 interns-Meera Thakkar, Shreya Vernekar, SnehaZaware, AishwaryaVaity, participated in the camp.

Remarks of the organizers of the events:

Awareness given to the mass public of around 225(including school girls around age group 12-16years and also all age group women).

The camp was successful in providing treatment to100 patients by the consultants and active co-operation from the Interns