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Medical Health check-up Camp at Gurukrupa Old age Home

D. Y. Patil School of Ayurvedaa has conducted a Health Awareness program under the Ministry of AYUSH Initiative Aazadi ka Amrut Mahotsav and 6th National Ayurveda Day with the Theme “Ayurveda for Poshan”.

Health Awareness Session along with Free Medical Health Check-up Camp & Ayurvedic Medicine distribution was done by Dept. Of Swasthavritta, D. Y. Patil School of Ayurvedaa, Nerul, Navi-Mumbai on Monday, November 1, 2021.

All 40 people’s from Gurukrupa Oldage Home attended the session and Camp where Awareness Lecture was delivered by Dr. Pratik Patil. A Health Awareness with respect to Diet was very much appreciated as the need to nourish the Old Population who was bedridden and suffering from various chronic disorders was not able to frame Diet guidelines d/t lot of restrictions and limitations. Ayurvedic Holistic Lifestyle with Diet being at the center was explained to All, Importance of Ayurveda, Daily Procedures (Dinacharya), Sleeping Patterns, Simple yet effective Yogic Practices like Asanas, Breathing Techniques and Meditation were explained in brief.

A proper case taking was done by the team of Doctor’s and Free Ayurvedic Medicines were given to the needful patients for their health issues. As an Old age Home, there were many chronic patients suffering from conditions like Arthritis, HyperTension, DM, Irregular Bowel, etc.

Community Health is one of the important factors in Nations Growth and Development will always be a priority in our Institute. Ayurvedic medicines were given free of cost to all the patients and were assured for constant help from our institute as and when needed.

The Camp was attended by the following: –
At the end of the session, the Management and the staff of Gurukrupa Old Age Home offered their love and affection with a Letter of Thanks.

1. Dr. Pratik M. Patil, (M. D. Ayu) Assistant Prof, DYPSOA
2. Dr. Akash Gaikwad, P. G. Scholar
3. Dr. SumitShewale, Intern
4. Dr. Janaki Patel, Intern
5. Dr. Himani Patil, Intern
6. Dr. Disha Sewda, Final BAMS Student
7. Mrs. Prajakta Kadam, Pharmacist.