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Department of Kriya Sharir

Department of Kriya Sharir has well equipped laboratory. To make ease for obtaining knowledge, electronic models on the functioning of the cardiac system, and the cardiac cycle are made by the department. Research oriented practice of laboratory & human experiments are being taken regularly. Discussions and emerging trends regarding correlative study of Kriya Sharir & Modern Physiology is followed.

Department of Rasashastra

Department of Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana has spacious well-equipped laboratory, Museum which is designed with various samples of prepared medicines according to its dosage form, models of equipment (yantra), Charts of various size, Specimens, Instruments, Educational Models and customized machineries. With the help of well equipped labs, this department imparts training in medicinal chemistry and preparation of highly potent medicines from minerals and metals. We have good teaching pharmacy with Machineries like Pulverizer, Mass mixer, Muffle furnace etc. Research Laboratory for quality control Library with a vast collection of books (Ayurvedic & Modern) on various topics for under graduate and post graduate scholars. Knowledge of Ayurvedic Pharmacy encompasses field identification of medicinal plants and other natural substances, collection and storage procedures of raw materials, preliminary processing of raw drugs, elaborate and sophisticated methods of pharmaceutical processing and preservation of prepared medicines.

Department of Dravyaguna

Department of Dravyaguna Vigyan encompasses a Herbal Garden for educational and demonstration purpose for arriving at a true and scientific understanding of the herbs and their role in ayurvedic medicine.With a mission to strengthen the Ex situ Conservation activities of Medicinal & Aromatic plants of us and to educate the students, medicinal plants have been maintained in the Herbal garden spread over two acres. Around 291 species of Medicinal plants with 3312 in numbers are nurtured in the garden. Plants of commercial importance too are grown in the Garden. A greenhouse which ensures controlled environment is housed to nurture some rare and endangered species. Spanning around 10,000 sq.ft this Green House unique with a sacred grove of Nakshatravana, Rashi Vanahas has been developed to understand the significance of plants from times immemorial. The entire garden is beautified by ornamental plants species of plants as well. The herbal garden serves as a reservoir of information of medicinal plants to students, researchers, interdisciplinary faculties and the general public.

Department of Rognidana

The total floor area of the Department is 1700 sq. ft. which includes faculty cabins for 1 Professor, 2 Associate Professors & 2 Assistant Professors, Lab technicians & Non teaching staff rooms, Departmental Library, Central Pathology & Microbiology Lab, Tutorial room, computer room.
The total area of Central Pathology is 663.44 sq. ft. It is well equipped with all required & essential advanced instruments, equipments and consumables stock. There are 2099 instruments and equipments which fulfill all the requirement of the teaching Lab like Hematology fully automatic cell counter, Biochemistry Analyzer, Monocular Microscopes, Binocular Microscopes, Ophthalmoscope, ECG Machine, Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter, Centrifuge Machine, Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, Microbiological Incubator, Rotary Microtome Machine, Glucometer, Gonimeter, and Serological Water Bath.
The departmental library has 120 books including both Ayurvedic and Modern books and research Journals. Along with these books Post Graduation dissertations are also available for reference and guidance. Department of Rognidan and Vikruti Vidnyan have 126 Charts, 15 models and 14 Photographs for the visual understanding of the subject.

Central Research Laboratory

Advances in medical sciences come from novel ideas and approaches developed through research. Central Research Laboratory is a facility that provides centralized research infrastructure to benefit researchers, undergraduates, Postgraduates and clinicians of D. Y. Patil deemed to be University School of Ayurvedaa, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.
Central Research Laboratory is located on the third floor of the college building and our mission is to provide a comfortable, safe and effective environment to conduct finest quality of academic research. This is achieved by providing the necessary environment, equipments and personnel to achieve research goals.
Central Research Laboratory acts as a single point of contact for researchers to accelerate their research study and provides structured environment where all researchers can work together on projects


The institute has a well equipped Central Research laboratory in the campus where practicals for the postgraduate courses are regularly performed. The laboratory is well equipped with the following instruments

Sr. No. Name of Instrument Quantity
1 Thin Layer Chromatography Kit 1
2 Vis Spectro-Photometer Equiptronic Model EQ820 1
3 UV Vis Spectro-Photometer Equiptronic Model EQ825 1
4 Photo- Electric Colorimeter Digital Equiptronic Model EQ653 1
5 Electrophoresis Apparatus Vertical Equiptronic Model EQ761 1
6 Electrophoresis Apparatus Horizontal Equiptronic Model EQ760 1
7 Flame Photometer Digital Equiptronic Model EQ850 1
8 Flame Photometer Digital Equiptronic Model EQ855 1
9 pH Meter Digital Equiptronic Model EQ610 1
10 pH Meter Digital Equiptronic Model EQ614A 1
11 Analgesiometer tail flick type 1
12 Viscometer Ostwald glass type 1
13 Viscometer Red wood electrical No. 1 1
14 Viscometer Food Cup Type 1
15 Abbe's Refractometer Lab-Line 1
16 Tablet Disintegration Machine Single 1
17 Tablet Disintegration Machine Double 1
18 Friability Determination Single Drum 1
19 Friability Determination Double Drum 1

In addition to this, the central research facility is available at the university level. The Ayurved College provides residential facilities, computer with internet service, wi fi, library for the research scholars, research associates, post-doctoral fellows of various academies and visiting scientists (national/international).

Hospital Pathology Laboratory

D Y Patil Ayurvedic Hospital is having well equipped clinical pathology Laboratory where all routine investigations are carried out on charitable rates for OPD and IPD Patients. These investigations are haematology, Biochemistry, Serology and clinical pathology as like Urine ,Stool and other body fluids. Hosptal Pathology laboratory is well equipped with advanced instruments like Fully Automated Blood Cell counter, Biochemistry Analyser and Binocular Microscope etc. The laboratory technicians are well qualified and trained to carry out all laboratory procedures as per policy and procedures of NABH.