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M.D. [Dravyaguna]

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1) Course Overview:

The Dravyaguna department mainly deals with the Dravya (medicine), Guna (properties) and its Karma (activity). It comprises of maetria medica, pharmacognosy, pharmacology and Ayurvedic clinical therapeutics. The curriculum is designed in such a way that, it includes Ayurvedic as well as contemporary knowledge of medicine.

A Dravyaguna expert can get jobs in several fields like government and private sector, academic (Ayurveda pharmaceutical colleges and companies), research oriented jobs as a Research officer in CCRAS, AYUSH department, pharmaceutical industries (Ayurveda as well as herbal unit), clinical research units. As Dravyaguna subject covers detailed study of medicinal plants, like identification, adulteration, substitution, agro technical aspects. It enables the physician to practice efficiently as compared to the practitioners of other specialties.

Duration Of Course:

3 years

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