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M.D. Ayurved [Agad Tantra]

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1) Course Overview:

This department comprises of three subjects Agadtantra i.e. Toxicology, Vyavhar Ayurved i.e. Forensic Medicine & Vidhivaidyak i.e. Medical Jurisprudence. Agadtantra deals with detail study of poisons, whereas Vyavhar Ayurved & Vidhivaidyak deals with medical aspect of law & legal aspect of medicine respectively.

Objectives :
1) It gives complete knowledge of various kinds of toxicities & legal procedures.
2) Forensic Medicine & Medical Jurisprudence is a challenging area of medical specialization which comprises of law & medicine.
3) It is concerned with a broad range of medical, legal, and ethical issues, as well as human rights and rights of individual.
4) The knowledge of this subject is very useful in medical practice as well as to the society.
5) Scattered references of Agadtantra & Vidhivaidyak are there in ancient texts which need to be studied with modern perspective.
6) Through postgraduation various researches can be carried out. For eg. efficacy of anti-poisonous drugs mentioned in ancient texts in cases of poisoning, prevention of toxicities, detoxification of poisons & their use as a medicine.
7) For practical application of the subject, PG students are advised thorough reading of Samhitas & Modern literature, practical training of Medicolegal autopsy, court procedures by arranging visits.

Duration Of Course:

3 years

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