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M.S. Ayurved [Shalakya Tantra – Netra ]

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1) Course Overview:

The Ayurveda Department at DY Patil University is unique because we focus on inter and intradepartmental association so that we can create and facilitate the best treatment for a number of diseases based on an amalgamation of topics in healthcare. Ayurveda is known to get rid of chronic diseases and thus our institute is very research intensive, constantly striving for innovation in treatment practices.

As a part of the coursework, awareness programs are arranged regularly with the help of PG students, to spread awareness about lifestyle disorders arising due to excessive use of electronic gadgets, like computer vision syndrome, amblyopia, refractive error in early age, squint, allergic disorders etc. We assist in the implementation of the national program for the Prevention of Blindness & Rehabilitation of the visually impaired.

Duration Of Course:

3 years

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