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Procedure of Functioning

• Realizing the importance of planning and monitoring in the management system of the Academia School of Ayurvedaa has established Planning and Monitoring committees. This committee works directly under the supervision of Chairman. Planning and monitoring committees has played an active role in bringing out appraisal and vision documents of the School.
• The planning department of School of Ayurvedaa plays a vital role in shaping its goal in a directive way. The importance of the planning lies in the fact it initiates the qualitative and concrete improvement of the sector in a strategic way. The integrated and comprehensive planning of School of Ayurvedaa D Y Patil University helps all its branches of access, equity, retention, and quality and the interrelationships between these segments to achieve the desired goal. The formulation of strategic reformed planning to reach the goal is backbone of planning process. The visionary and reflective input in the planning of policies, designing of activities, conduct of need based training, need based prioritized plan leads to prepare a Perspective Plan..The preparation and formulation of Annual Work Plan & Budget of School of Ayurvedaa is a holistic planning for school development.