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Students Council

The Student Council,is mentored by teachers under the guidance of the Dean. The Student Council has two important objectives expressed through the Mission statement of the School of Ayurvedaa i.e. ‘To create best competent experts in Ayurveda and develop global competencies keeping in view social needs’ Accordingly, the purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out various activities. Council teachers always encourage the students to voice their opinions. Starting from Guru pournima celebration up to Annual function i.e. Pratyush Every event is very successful and memorable. Also all the events are documented through the annual magazine named QUINTUSVED. Nurturing creativity and inspiring innovation are the two elements of successful education and our magazine is a perfect amalgamation of both.

Student Council Members List-(2020-21)

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Vd. Maheshkumar Harit Dean & Chairman
2 Vd. Amit Mujumdar Co-Chairman
3 Vd. Sudarshan Hande Member
4 Vd. Pradeep Patil Member
5 Vd. Smita Mekhale Member

Student council (January 2020 –December 2020)

Student Council Work Performed till date in brief with details of Write up & Pics of the events, please arrange the events in chronological order of occurrence with details like, Title, Date, Event Details, Relevant Pics with proper Labels, etc.

Sr. No. Event Date
1 Sports week-Ayutrophy 2020 13.02.2020 to 18.02.2020
2 AAGHAZ 2020 / Cultural week 24.02.2020 to 29.02.2020
24th Feb’ 2020- Red Carpet Day
25th Feb’ 2020- Ehsaas
26th Feb’2020- Shahi Bana
27th Feb’ 2020- Astala Vista #thefarewellparty
28th Feb’ 2020- Yaariyaan
29th Feb’ 2020- Carnival
3 Astala Vista Farewell Party 27.02.2020
4 Annual Festival ‘PRATYUSH’#journey to ecstacy 12.03.2020 to 13.03.2020
5 Ganeshotsawa 22.08.2020 to 23.08.2020
6 Ayurveda Day- Essay Competition 13.11.2020

Proposed Activities for Upcoming Academic Year.

Sr. No. Event Date
1 Ganesh Utsav 10/9/21 to 14/09/2021.
2 Blood Donation Camp 16/09/2021
3 Ayurveda Day - Dhanwantari jayanti 2/11/2021
4 Sports week-Ayutrophy 2021 January 2022
5 Cultural week January 2022
6 Ayurveda Premiere league Feb 2022
7 Annual Festival PRATYUSH Feb 2022