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Undergraduate Program (BAMS)

• The aim of the Program B.A.M.S. conducted at our school is to be a centre of excellence in Ayurveda through the process of self-evaluation and continual renewal in all our endeavours, namely, learning, teaching, research, consultancy and other related health services.
• To Produce a Ayurveda Physician who is capable of functioning independently in both urban and rural environment.
• Recognize the importance of Ayurveda as a medicine in the context of the health needs of the community and national priorities in the health sector.
• Develop skills in using various ayurvedic methods and techniques for treatment of patients like Panchkarma treatment as described in Ayurvedic ancient books.
• To diagnose and manage diseases on the basis of clinical assessment described in Ayurvedic ancient books as well as using appropriate advanced investigation related technology.
• Demonstrate proficiency in classroom and clinical teaching using newer and appropriate technology.
• Demonstrate proficiency in conducting a professional scientific research, documentation & presentations at various levels.