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Vision,Mission,Goals & Objective

To strive for the best possible implementation of the plans and policies of the Management, pertaining to infrastructure & knowledge production.

The mission of the Institutional Planning and Budget Committee is to ensure the implementation and ongoing assessment of the institutional planning process.

To ensure a learner-centric environment equipped with the latest techniques and technologies of teaching, research and sharing knowledge.

The objectives of Planning and Monitoring Committee will overview the financial viability of the School based on the report of the Accounts Department & it will make suggestions /recommendations to the Chairperson about further facilities/amenities/laboratories to be included in the School.

• Budget allocations are based on institutional planning priorities and are relevant to the School requirement.
• Ensuring that participatory governance is properly followed across all participatory governance committees.
• Ensuring the integration of the planning process, addressing school priorities and the interrelationship among institutional plans.
• Establishing regular communication with the all Stake holder regarding the institutional planning process.
• Assessing on an annual basis the effectiveness of the Institutional Planning Committee and the institutional planning process.