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Sanskrit Samhita Siddhant

Committed to impart Ayurveda Education through classical texts of Ayurveda

Rachana Sharir

Imparting practical and clinical based knowledge of Rachana sharir and Anatomy to students for strengthening their foundation of basic principles for future clinical practice.

Kriya Sharir

To imbibe basic Kriya Sharir concepts in student’s mind to enable them to use them in their clinical practice .

Rognidan & Vikrutividnyan

The main objectives of Rognidan & Vikrutividnyan Department is to provide good skills of diagnosis to students by Ayurvedic as well as modern technologies and provide complete knowledge of bed side clinics and advanced investigations with clinical interpretation.

Dravyaguna Vigyan

Envisioning a green landmark with Medicinal background towards Green Earth.

Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana

1. To provide adequate knowledge of subject in accordance with Contemporary / Modern science.
2. Guiding students to develop the skills for quality products preparation and standardization of the same on Modern parameters.
3. Preparing various Ayurvedic formulations so as to train the students for practical knowledge.

Agadtantra, Vyavahar-Ayurved Evum Vidhivaidyak

1. To bring law and medicine together for preparing ayurveda students for their medical, legal and social duties in medical profession.
2. To teach the students of Ayurvedic medicine and professionals in the fields related to forensic medicine, medical jurisprudence & toxicology.

Swasthavritta and Yoga

To achieve complete physical, mental, social and spiritual health and to promote the Principles of preventive aspects of Ayurveda and its importance globally through Swasthavritta and Yoga.

Prasutitantra And Streerog

1. The vision of the department is to provide good academic and practical knowledge of Ayurveda
2. To produce the graduates of Ayurveda through timely innovative and creative training program who can excel in patient care.


To help people throughout the world realize full potential of Ayurveda

Kayachikitsa Department

To be recognized as department of excellence for the science of ayurveda, quality education, research, training and patient care through ayurveda for the benefit to the society


1. To impart quality education to young Ayurveda students.
2. To make them well acquainted with both theory and practical knowledge of Panchakarma.
3. To propagate wide use of Panchakarma by young Ayurveda doctors in their clinical practice.

Shalyatantra Department

1. To be at the forefront for achieving research excellence in the field of Shalyatantra.
2. To apply and validate ancient surgical methods and parameters in terms of its relevance in the present era.
3. To encourage interdisciplinary academic activities and ensure overall development of the students in terms of value education along with use of technology.

Department of Shalakyatantra.

1. To educate the students in theory & practical to be efficient & trained Ayurvedic physician & surgeon.
2. To provide health service to community.
3. To encourage research activity in the field of Shalakya Tantra.
4. To contribute in National blindness control program.