One of the most important factors for a student to be focused on is the environment. The DY Patil Deemed to be University classrooms are a perfect blend of comfort and functionality, with a seating capacity of over 250. The plush seating coupled with wide, visible screens makes the transaction of knowledge easier than ever. The classrooms are designed to incorporate and integrate audio-visual teaching aids for presentations, seminars, CMEs, and lectures. These classrooms represent the amalgamation of modern amenities and impressive infrastructure that play a vital role in promoting an effective learning atmosphere with an air of intellectual capacity. These learning spaces are designed to make learning not only impactful but enjoyable as well.

These spacious soundproof classrooms are designed meticulously to draw a large number of students, to indulge in the knowledge-sharing process, which eventually transforms them into world-class graduates. Classrooms have always been dreaded places in any educational facility, however, with the clever coupling of technology and traditional board and pens, the classrooms at DY Patil Deemed to be University have become akin to a haven of knowledge

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