This learning centre of our school has a wide collection of fiction and non-fiction books. It offers a range of resources to the students to support the curriculum, develop their life-long learning abilities and foster a love of reading. The library resources comprise books, magazines, news papers, encyclopedias and many more.


It offers our students a unique theatrical experience and puts the student at the centre of the spotlight. We believe that creating a well-rounded child requires a well-rounded educational experience. By performing various cultural activities and competitions, we have created a unique learning opportunity for our students to grow.

Conference/ A.V.Room:

At Dnyan Pushpa Vidya Niketan, we aim at a holistic development of our students. The A.V.Room, plays an integral role thus. It is a fun class, where students learn through Audio-Visual Aids-which helps teaching and learning to be more effective. The children’s’ imagination here hits the chord of reality thus giving wings to their thoughts.


The Cafeteria at the school is managed by a private vendor, serving the school with hot snacks.


 Dnyan Pushpa Vidya Niketan believes that sport is the showcase of grit and determination that propels every student to be their best. We prepare our students to be at their best, thus preparing them to win. The school also conforms to the 5 Ss of Sports: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and most importantly Sportsman Spirit. The school teams participate in several tournaments organized by the sports department and others. The children are offered opportunities to experience and discover their sporting talents. Besides camps, regular training is available for sports enthusiasts, in athletics, basket ball, foot ball, cricket, kabaddi, kho-kho and skating. Thus our young champions keep playing until they get it right.