Report on Industrial Visit- Igatpuri 2019-20

An excursion to Igatpuri was planned on 25th August & 26th August 2019. We were a group of 200 students and 15 teachers of D. P. V. N. and Jr. College, Belapur. We all were excited and enthusiastic about the trip and began our journey with full energy. The perfect getaway in pleasant and comforting location, the mystic valley resort, one of the leading top luxury resorts in Igatpuri left us re-energized. Relaxation at some of the finest mountain view rooms, relishing mouth-watering Indian, eastern and western dishes, partaking in several indoor sports activities and entertainment options created splendid memories to last a lifetime….

We went to the Pandavleni Caves. These are a group of 24 caves carved between 1st century BC and 3rd century BC reflecting the Buddhist meditation practices. We also visited Artillery museum which is located in the vicinity of Nashik Road. It is the biggest Artillery Center in Asia. Inside the museum, there is an artillery centre along with a big garden and many army tanks, radar systems, aeroplane displayed in open. Many adventure activities were conducted like rappelling, rock climbing, zip lining, high rope actions and an obstacle course, followed by which were some water activities too. Even though it was tiring for all, the students thoroughly enjoyed. We had the DJ night party after dinner. We headed back to our homes with smiles on our faces and tons of memories. It was an informative, interesting and successful visit.