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All About Robotics

This was a Semi-Technical event organized by ISTE-RAIT in its Techfest i.e. Innovision’18. Here students could not only showcase their hardware knowledge about robots but also had fun to experience real time driving of robots. Students of all branches took active part in this event to enjoy this experience and even the students who arranged this event got to know various technical issues and facts during the events. This event consisted of three rounds. In the first round, one partner had to show his driving skills with the blindfold while the other partner had to give directions to solve the maze.

In the second round the players got a chance to compete with the other team, both the bots had to burst all the balloons in their path and come out of the road. The one who does it within the shortest time was selected for the third round. In round three, the players had to lift the things kept on the ground with the forklift and clearing his path had to come to the finish point as fast as possible. The students got an opportunity to experience the technique behind the functioning and working of robots. They were able to test the technical knowledge in a creative manner.