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B. Tech in Computer Engineering

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1) Course Overview:

Computer Engineering, abbreviated as CE, is an academic programme which integrates the field of Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The programme lays strong emphasis on computer programming, networking, computing, algorithms, computer software and hardware and explores various thrust application areas.

2) Motivation:

CE is an intellectually rich and rapidly growing field with profound impact on society and everyday lives.
Well-paying jobs in technology, science, business, healthcare, and other sectors like finance, medicine and law.
Research careers / higher studies in multiple disciplines
Academic careers in Computer Engineering and service to the community at large.

3) Course Objectives:

Impart knowledge of the key technologies in fundamentals and varied Computer engineering domains to make the students flexible to fit in any role.
Explore real world problem solutions, analyse and study the technologies applied and visualise their effects.
Impart hands-on practical experience on varied domains with latest tools and technologies applied to real world problems.
Understand the relations between the various Computer Engineering domains and employ cutting edge tools and technologies.
Adaptability to new developments in science and technology.
Develop a sought after engineer who demonstrates an understanding of the importance of being an ethical engineering professional.
Apply their communication skills to effectively promote their ideas, goals, or products.

Harvard Business School Online Integration:

HBS Online Programs at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology –
The syllabus of RAIT is integrated with HBS online certificate courses. Students have to complete following online certificate courses as a part of their degree.
1) Semester 2 – Business Analytics
2) Semester 3 – Sustainable Business Strategy
3) Semester 4 – Entrepreneurship Essentials
4) Semester 5 – Economics for Managers
5) Semester 6 – Financial Accounting
The students who will complete these online courses successfully will be awarded with one additional credit per course along with the online certificate from Harvard Business School for each course.

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