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Blockchain Technology 2020

To guide the students about the basics of blockchain and to build an app using solidity. The students of various engineering colleges were provided an opportunity to learn blockchain and code using solidity language. This workshop conducted by CSI-RAIT was held over a period of two days. The workshop was conducted in association with Innovation Cell (IIT Bombay) and Robokart. This workshop presented the students to learn about blockchain technology, algorithms used and the blockchain enabled platforms. The workshop was actively participated by about 100 students and had members of technical team and general organizing committee to help them whenever needed.

Day 1:

Date: 8th September 2018
The workshop commenced with the introduction of blockchain technology. Platforms where blockchain is being used and the expected growth in the near future was also informed. Elements such as miners, consensus and technologies used to develop such as P2P Network, Public Key Cryptography and the protocol were also taught to the students to solidify their foundation.

Day 2:

Date: 9th September 2018
On the second day, the students learned the essential features of prominent cryptocurrencies. How mining works and other necessary information was also being delivered. Subsequently students learned to code in solidity programming language. With the knowledge of solidity students were guided to develop a smart contract on the blockchain. CSI RAIT expresses their deepest gratitude to Dr. Leena Ragha, Head of the Department, Computer Engineering as well as all the faculty members of Computer Department for their constant support.


The students initiated the session with cementing their knowledge on blockchain technology and acquired knowledge on working of various cryptocurrencies. Thereafter writing programs using solidity language was taught. With profound understanding of these topics students were able to develop a smart contract on blockchain and likewise developed an app.