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Like every year, this year too ISA – RAIT hosted the much awaited technical fest GENESIS 2019, with great glory and received a great applaud from all those who witnessed it’s magic! With every passing year, GENESIS has raised its bar in terms of technical as well as creative regards. Being the highlight of the Odd semester, all the students of the college eagerly wait for this event! The grandeur and magnificence of the event attracted a huge crowd from colleges all across the city. The fest began on 10th October 2019 and spanned for three days. ISA – RAIT is known for its innovative and out of the box thinking.

The determination, dedication and zeal of all the students striving for the success of the event proved to be an incantation which produced mesmerizing views in every nook and corner. The unique theme chosen for GENESIS 2019 was Human Evolution. The event was inaugurated by our honorable Principal, Dr. MukeshPatil. Various models, miniatures and other art forms displayed on the first floor were truly a treat for our eyes! They displayed the talent, finesse and hard work of our students in full vigour. The wonderful atmosphere which was full of merriment, excitement and inspiration continued to motivate us and fill us with awe for the complete three days! The event showcased a proper equilibrium between the technical aspects and the creative edge. The fest helped students gain insights on various technical, creative, and analytical skills.

A variety of games and competitions ensured that all the participants thoroughly enjoyed the event. Competitions like Brainstorm, Campus calling, technical paper presentation and Seminar upskilled the participants enormously. Whereas, events like Human ludo, Foosball, Dark room cricket, shooting range and carnival entertained the students and kept their spirits high throughout! GENESIS 2019 was an exemplary implementation of ideas that imparted joy, happiness, enthusiasm, creativity and all kinds of learning experiences to the students. Unitedly all the members of ISA – RAIT created an action packed and exciting venture of three days for everyone! The grand Closure ceremony held on 12th October was graced by our honourable H.O.D Sir, Dr. SharadJadhav. GENESIS 2019 was another feather added to the cap of ISA – RAIT.

It was a huge success and it also inspired all the fellow students. Through the medium of GENESIS, ISA – RAIT has always tried to inculcate various cognitive and soft skills within the students. Thus, GENESIS 2019 enriched all the students with impeccable knowledge and filled their minds with great joy!