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The annual Technical Festival of IETE-RAIT ‘IGNITE ’ was a blend of cultural and technical extravaganza held from 10th Oct to 12th Oct 2019. Ignite over the years has developed into so much more, and has become a launchpad for upcoming innovators. It is a spectacular showcase of talent, where one can witness the astonishing fusion of Technology and Art.

With the exhilarating theme- ‘Anime World’ this year, Ignite amazed everyone who visited, with its equally fascinating and engaging events. With events like ‘One Piece’, ‘Naruto’s Junkyard’ and ‘Kira’s Note’, Ignite left its visitors joyous and awestruck, while events like ‘Anime Adventures’ and ‘Brainstorm’ left them seriously applying their minds.

Where on one hand it was a thrilling experience for the visitors, on the other hand it inculcated all the organising members of IETE-RAIT with the knowledge, Experience and Management skills they will treasure for a very long time.