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Laboratories in RAIT are highly specialized with state-of-the-art infrastructure supporting both teaching-learning processes and research. All laboratories are equipped with modern experimental set-ups and advanced software required for carrying out laboratory sessions as per the curriculum. These equipment and software are upgraded regularly to incorporate advancements in technology. In addition to this, the faculty members also innovatively design new experimental set-ups and experiments. RAIT laboratories also host some of the most high-end, sophisticated experimental setups exclusively used for advanced research. These include DSpace, Network Simulator, DCS, Underwater signal and image processing set-up, NVIDIA GPU high performance workstations, IoT set-ups, to name a few.
Some of these research laboratories are supported by industries like ARM University Programme, Eduvance Technologies, Siemens and by eminent institutions like IIT Bombay and have been converted into Centres of Excellence. Each department has dedicated computational laboratories with high-end computers installed with licensed technical software like MATLAB, LabVIEW, Cadence, TCAD, NS3, QualNet, and more.

The labs are provided with high-speed internet and are fully air-conditioned with power backup facility and professionally designed infrastructure. The students and faculty members are given complete freedom for experimentation and are provided with 24/7 access to all laboratories. Each laboratory has a pleasant ambience, is spacious, well-lit and equipped with fire-fighting machinery and a first-aid kit. There is a dedicated team of faculty members and students to look after each lab.