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1) Course Overview:

The post graduate program offered by Department of Computer Engineering aims to create technical experts and skilled individuals with higher order thinking skills who aspire to take up creative job roles of their interest. The program gives the student freedom to enlarge domain interest, to study deep and to develop sought after skill sets. The post graduate program creates a strong technical background necessary to be a skilled individual who can bring change in the society.

This post graduate degree is for those who are wishing to carry out further research, take up teaching profession, be a high caliber industry job holder or become an entrepreneur.

The department has Doctorate faculty and faculty pursuing Ph.D program from various reputed universities working on varied research domains. The collaborative programs offered to ensure world standard exposure to develop managerial, finance and business skills along with technical skills. The elective courses chosen provide an in-depth understanding of technology to be a master in that domain. The industry collaborative activities ensure meeting the current needs. The students can pursue research in diverse domains of Computer Engineering. The thrust areas recognized and currently working but not limited to are:

AI and its Applications: Computer Vision, Image Registration, Video Processing and Smart Surveillance Systems, GIS image Processing, Satellite Image Processing, Health care applications, Steganography, Content Based Image Retrieval.

Networking and security: VoLTE, Protocol Stacks (Computer Networks), Mobile Computing, Wireless Networking, Vehicular Ad-Hoc network, 5G Applications, Adhoc networks, Wireless sensor networks, Covert Channels.

Information and information Security: Cyber Security, Digital forensics, Information Security.

Data Science: Mining, Text Mining, Text analysis, Natural Language Processing, Big Data Analytics.

Computing: Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Compiler Design.

Recommendation to Students:

• Student who aspires to develop higher order thinking skills should opt for this course.
• Student with a keen interest in building a sought after career in the thrust areas of Computer Engineering should opt for this
• Student who wants to expand advanced technology skills, apply latest tools and techniques and use high computing platforms will find this course useful.
• Student who wants to pursue research in the above domains or has keen interest in a real time problem linked to above domain can opt for this course.

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