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PhD in Computer Engineering

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1) Course Overview:

The Doctoral program offered by Department of Computer Engineering gives the student a complete freedom to pursue both theoretical and empirical studies in a chosen domain of interest. The program ensures creating a strong technical background necessary to carry out the research and delivering original and substantial contribution to the discipline of computer engineering. The success is measured by conference presentations, conference publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, and the completion of a successful PhD thesis along with oral defense.
The Ph.D degree is for those wishing to pursue a career in industrial research and development or institute / university research and teaching.
The department has 9 Doctorate faculty and 18 faculty pursuing Ph.D program from various reputed universities. They are pursuing research in diverse domains of Computer Engineering. The thrust areas recognized and currently working but not limited to are:
AI and its Applications: Computer Vision, Image Registration, Video Processing and Smart Surveillance Systems, GIS image Processing, Satellite Image Processing, Health care applications, Steganography, Content Based Image Retrieval.
Networking and security: VoLTE, Protocol Stacks (Computer Networks), Mobile Computing, Wireless Networking, Vehicular Ad Hoc network, 5G Applications, Adhoc networks, Wireless sensor networks, Covert Channels.
Information and information Security: Cyber Security, Digital forensics,Information Security.
Data Science: Data mining, Text Mining, Text analysis, Natural Language Processing, Big Data Analytics.
Computing: Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Compiler Design.

Broad Research Domain:

Sr No Research Area
1 Distributed and Cloud Computing
2 Wired & Wireless Networks
3 Security (cyber & Information)
4 Pattern Recognition
5 Augmented and Virtual Reality
6 Database and Data Sciences
7 Internet of Things

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