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PhD in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

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1) Course Overview:

The PhD programme of department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering offers the opportunity to explore and develop new technology. The department has got the expertise and experience in carrying out high quality research work in many areas.
The department is well equipped to conduct contemporary research in the field of microwave and antenna applications. From the modelling and design of both low power and high-power microwave devices and circuits to design and fabrication of antennas and phased arrays, the department has got the expertise and experience in carrying out high quality research. The department is also equipped with high-end software and hardware research equipment such as Vector Network Analyzer, Doppler Radar Experimental Setup, Antenna Measurement System, EM Cube, COMSOL Multiphysics, etc.
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is the emerging field of research, in recent years mobility has become an important area of research for the WSN community, Mobile wireless sensor networks (MWSNs), Vehicular adhoc network (VANET) are some of the areas pertaining to WSNs.
The research in Image and Video Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Signal processing, acoustics and related fields is both experimental and computational in nature and includes simulation and measurement of physical systems, as well as signal processing. The department has well qualified faculties having requisite expertise in above areas
The department of Electronics and Telecommunication has got the required infrastructure viz. laboratories equipped with high and softwares like LabVIEW, COMSOL Multiphysics, EM Cube and various NI hardware’s and many more to encourage research activities

Broad Research Domain:

Sr No Research Area
1 Speech/Audio/Image /Video Signal Processing
2 Biomedical signal processing
3 Computer Vision
4 Electromagnetics, Microwave and Antennas
5 Control system and Robotics.
6 Communication Engineering
7 Network on chip
8 Wireless and Optical Network
9 Embedded System and IoT
10 Microelectronics and VLSI

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