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PhD in Electronics Engineering

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1) Course Overview:

The doctoral program in the Department of Electronics Engineering offers research scholars to work in the cutting-edge research domains in electronics engineering. The students, selected through a rigorous process of entrance test and interview, are given complete freedom to choose their doctoral supervisors. They are required to acquire the necessary credits by completing course work and seminars. Following this, the research scholars, under the guidance of supervisors, immerse themselves in rigorous research activities that include a thorough literature survey to understand the state of current research in the chosen field and explore open problems, problem formulation & analysis and research work. A review of the status of their work is carried out twice a year. It is mandatory for a research scholar to publish the work in refereed journals and reputed international conferences. The research scholars are trained to make a significant contribution to knowledge in the field of electronics engineering.

The department has highly motivated PhD faculty members supervising the doctoral work. The department offers ideal research-conducive environment to research scholars and provides them the state-of-the-art infrastructure to work on. The department is equipped with all modern experimental setups and softwares and the institute has subscribed to reputed journals like IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, ACM and the plagiarism-check software.

Broad Research Domain:

Sr No Research Area
1 GPU Computing
2 Power Electronics
3 Fractional-order Modelling and Control
4 Broadband Communication and Wireless Networks
5 Digital Signal Processors
6 Control Systems
7 Robotics
8 Digital System Design
9 Optical Fiber Communication
10 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
11 Signal and Image Processing
12 Biomedical Engineering
13 Renewable Energy
14 Embedded System & IoT
15 Analog VLSI Design
16 FPGA based Design

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