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PhD in Information Technology

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1) Course Overview:

As part of the doctoral program in the department of information technology, research scholars understand and explore open problems and current research work happening in areas dealing with Information Technology. Students are enabled with the required background to pursue research in cutting-edge domains related to Information Technology.
Students who wish to continue studies after completion of their M Tech degree in Information Technology or Computer Science/Engineering can pursue PhD degree.

Some of the research areas in Information Technology that our faculty is currently working on are as follows:
• Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Optimization of algorithms, NLP, Biomedical and Vision applications.
• Data Science, Mining, warehousing, Data and Business Analytics, Forecasting, Privacy Issues in Data Science, Social Networking and Marketing.
• Cyber Security, Privacy, Digital Forensics, Block-Chain technologies and applications, Cryptography, Watermarking.
• Computer Networks, Mobile Adhoc Networks, Vehicular Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT Protocols, Network Security.
• Image Processing, Machine Vision, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
• Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Storage Area Networks, Green Technologies for Cloud, Security and Privacy issues in Cloud.
• Students who are passionately looking forward to pursue research in the domain areas listed above should opt for the PhD degree.
• Students interested in IT R & D careers as Data Analysts, Security Analysts or IT Architects will find this programme useful.

Broad Research Domain:

Sr No Research Area
1 Cloud Computing
2 Deep Learning
3 Computer Vision & Image Processing
4 Machine Learning & Data Science
5 Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
6 Networking & Internet of Things
7 Social Networking

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