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PhD in Instrumentation Engineering

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1) Course Overview:

PhD. Instrumentation Engineering or Doctor of Philosophy in Instrumentation Engineering is a Doctorate course. It is designed to prepare students to take on a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses that focus on principles from mathematics, electrical, electronics, computer science as well as the fundamental electrical, control and instrumentation engineering concepts. A Ph.D. program is offered in two modes- Full time and Part-time. Hence, coursework, participation in various interactions, submission of progress reports through presentations, etc. regularly is mandatory during the program. A Full-time Ph.D. scholar shall mean a candidate devoting full time for completing the requirements of the program and a part-time Ph.D. scholar shall mean a candidate who is devoting a part of his time towards the pursuit of the program while discharging his official/employment obligations. Hence, Part-time Candidates are expected to ensure they get adequate organizational help and a relevant setup at their workplace that also enables them to engage in research work. Ph.D. full time is for a minimum of 3 years and a Ph.D. part-time for a minimum of 4 ½ years. The maximum duration in the case of both the modes is 6 years.


Institute encourages interdisciplinary research and exchange of ideas and knowledge in various related fields. Consequently, it allows scholars to appoint a Co-Guide from the outside institute as per university rules. The main Guide for the scholar during the Ph.D. program will be from Institute, appointed as per the research topic and Guide availability. Ph.D. full-time enthusiasts have the scope to work as research fellows in the various ongoing research projects at the DY Patil Deemed to be University.

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