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Research Heads

Sr. No. Name Area
1 Dr. Palchoudhary Arpita
Anupama Shenoy
Nisha Narwani
Mansi Jawale
Soft Skills, Leadership and Training, Linguistics for Proficiency, Management and Communication
2 Dr. N. R. Dasre
Dr. Pritam Wani
Bhangale Shilpa
Murtuza Nullwala
Number Theory, Algebric number theory, Real and Complex analysis
3 Dr. Sandip Dhobale
K. Muktamani
Navnath Gaikwd
Metal oxide Nanomaterials and Carbon Nanostructures for Sensing and Energy Applications
4 Dr. Namrata Singh
Rupali Agme
S M Patil
Protein-Drug Interaction, Phytochemical Analysis of Plant Extracts, Methane Enrichment Process
5 Jadhav Prashant Prakash
Padalkar Kunal
Bio Gas Technologies, Metal Casting for defect minimization, Supply Chain Management and Business analytics