Fellowship in Hair Transplant


Dr. Pradeep Sethi
A highly successful and accomplished hair transplant surgeon, Dr Pradeep Sethi is our ideal mentor for the program in Hair transplantation. He has to his credit over 10 years of experience and more than 4000 cases of hair transplantation. He is an  MD dermatologist from AIIMS and solely switched to hair transplantation in 2013 . He along with his wife Dr Arika Bansal is the inventor of ” Direct hair transplantation “technique of hair transplantation and ” No root touch technique”. He is very passionate about his subject as he believes it imparts immense satisfaction to his patients compared to other fields of dermatology. He is an active  member of International Society Hair  Restoration Surgeon ( ISHRS)  and has attended many of their annual conferences. He is also the author of the book Step by Step Hair Transplantation. His chain of clinics Eugenix Hair Sciences is solely devoted to hair transplantation .The Gurgaon centre is one of the largest and state of art facility in the world and the Mumbai centre at Bandra is one of the most advanced in the world. He considers hair transplant is a complete art as it is about trying to give a natural looking hair in terms of density, coverage of the total bald area with whatever donor is available and above all giving an appropriate natural looking hair line.

Overview of the Program

1) First ever University recognized one year Hair Transplant course

2) This program is mentored by one of the reputed current era in Hair Transplant Surgeon who is a Trained Dermatologist from AIIMS, New Delhi with an experience of more than 4000 cases.

3) Course program designed to make it an all inclusive program.

4) A module based fellowship program categorized into 7 specific modules.

5) Live clinical demonstration of procedures by chief mentor

6) Candidates will be given hands on training.

7) Live clinical training for participants with over the shoulder deeper vision by Mentors

8) Premium membership of peer reviewed literature (exclusive login id and password)

9) Access to unique application for digital learning and revision


MD / DNB or DVD Dermatology

Qualified Dermatologists with MD or DVD degree with MCI recognition.

Duration of Course

One year, with 3 monthly theory and practical assessments.


Merit based Interview by the panel of teachers who are nominated for the course.

Course Commences

June 2019 with rolling admissions process

List Of Documents
  1. Birth Certificate as proof of date and birth
  2. Copy of Passport/Domicile as proof of Nationality and Address
  3. Four passport size photographs
  4. Copy of the MCI Registration Certificate
  5. Copy of Mark sheets and Degree Certificate of MBBS/MD/ Others
  6. Copy of Passport of Parents*
  7. Proof of NRI Status of candidate/Parents*
  8. Transcripts*
  9. Copy of Visa*(*if required for NRI candidates)
Course Syllabus



-Anatomy, Physiology
-Basic Structure
-Racial differences in hair
-Operation Theater Etiquettes



 – Male Androgentic Alopecia
– Female pattern hair loss
– Cicatricial Alopecia
– Telogen effluvium and other causes of hair loss
– Medical management of hair loss
– Prevention of hair loss.



 – History
– Types of hair transplant procedures


 – Basic instruments necessary for transplant
– Punches, Implanters, Slit makers
– Prerequisites of an HT operating room


 – Prerequisites and importance
– What to counsel ?
– How to counsel?
– Photography  in hair loss, tips and process


 – Theory and importance
– Preparation of PRP
– Hands-on  PRP Injection



 -Male anterior hairline
– Temporal hair line
– Crown reconstruction
– Female hairline


 – Nerve block
– Ring block
– Tumescent anesthesia


Assessment of donor area and planning for the future hair loss and balance between donor and recipient area.


 – Live demonstration with hands-on


 – Use of needles
–  Use of blades to make slits
– Angles in slit-making


 – No-root-touch technique
– Implantation with implanters


 – Mega-session
– Body hair transplant
– Beard transplant
– Eyebrow transplant
– Corrective surgery
– Transplant in special cases


 – Complications of hair transplant
– Post-transplant graft care
– Post-transplant medical treatment



Two presentations per month, Journal club/Seminar
Regular asessments
Writing papers and chapters
Presenting in national and international conferences

Grading System

Theory examination:
10 Theory papers 50 marks each at the end of each module

Practical examination:
10 Practical exams 50 marks at the end of each module

2 guides/teachers (one external examiner from the region)

Contact Us for Course Related Queries

Dr. Amit Lala Khomane (Chief Program co-ordinator)                                                                      

Dr. Akanksha Saberwal (Program co-ordinator)

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