First 3D laparoscopy in Maharashtra

On 2/2/2015,the surgical team of D Y Patil Hospital, headed by Dr.Harmeet Singh Sahni, successfully performed Navi Mumbai’s first 3D laparoscopic surgery. It was a proud moment for the entire surgical team which comprised of Dr.Raj Gautam,Dr.Aditya Oak and Dr.Mithilesh Ghosalkar.

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Continuing with the hospitals vision to provide excellent health care within the city limits of Navi Mumbai,3D laparoscopy services were introduced for the very first time in Navi Mumbai.
D Y PATIL’S dream of providing the best healthcare facilities to all strata of society took a giant leap with the addition of this new dimension to the minimal invasive surgical services.

Dr. Sandesh Deolekar-Professor and Head, Department of General Surgery stated ,”3D laparoscopy is truly one of the biggest advancements in laparoscopic surgery”

Dr. Harmeet Singh Sahni further impressed upon the advantages and the need for 3D lparoscopy ,he said,”3-D laparoscopy gives surgeons at our hospital the ability to utilize depth of field with precision for dissection, while providing images that are clearer than what we have seen before with previous technologies. More importantly, it allows us to have a view of a patient’s anatomy as if we were doing an open operation, even though we are working with laparoscopic tools outside of the patient’s body.”

3D technology started as a bit of novelty, but today it’s emerging as an important tool in a wide variety of uses.  From gaming to medicine, 3D visualization is an exciting area where technology is building a new reality that can help clinicians in subtle and critical aspects of surgery. We were born to see in three dimensions, and with the help of this new technology, surgeons can now experience this fundamental perspective while maintaining the important less-invasive aspects of laparoscopic surgery.

The 3D technology improves hand-eye coordination and can support the surgeon to maintain a high level of concentration along with adding precision to the surgery being performed,ultimatley making the entire procedure safer than ever before.