Founder’s Day – 22nd Oct 2019

D Y Patil Group owns its entire existence to Dr. Dnyandeo Yashwantrao Patil. He is a benevolent man who has superseded his dream of providing affordable education and healthcare services to the larger segment of society. With the same passion and enthusiasm, he has instilled values of integrity, honesty, and hard work in all of us to accomplish our dreams and succeed in every endeavor.

22nd of October marks as an auspicious day on which the entire D Y Patil University gathers and celebrates our beloved Dada’s birthday. This year was no different, where new initiatives and enlightening seminars were conducted to pay gratitude to Dada on his special day.  Founder’s day started with flag hoisting of all the 22 institutions by prestigious faculty members and delegates.

Every institution came up with unique celebrations like the School of Hospitality and Tourism conducted a soft skill seminar that taught how to communicate and interact more effectively with people. Meanwhile, the School of Ayurveda celebrated Ayurveda day with new additions of value-based courses like Professional Development, Diet & Nutrition, Ksharsutra, etc in their academic curriculum to improve the quality of education and personality of students. A ‘Ban Plastic’ rally was held by the School of Pharmacy which displayed artistic banners with messages to ban plastic, recycle waste, and be more eco-friendly. This initiative went hand in hand with the tree plantation drive conducted by the School of Dentistry. Saplings were planted in the garden of R.A.I.T college, where all of them were also watered. This initiative was taken to improve climatic conditions. On the occasion of Dada’s birthday, we were more than pleased to have beloved Shivani ma’am grace us with her presence, in various events like tree plantation, book launch, and plastic ban rally.

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She also planted saplings and watered them for good growth. The college of R.A.I.T organized a guest lecture on Yoga Prana Vidya to promote a better and healthy lifestyle among students. When it came to health, the school of medicine followed an intriguing approach and launched a book named Urticaria – Interesting cases. The School of Nursing gave a stellar dance performance and enacted a skit around suicide prevention, which was a tribute to Mental Awareness Day. Last but not least, a joint initiative by medical colleges displayed a very informative and meaningful skit in which students role-played the good and bad habits that could change our lives for the worst or the better. The skit displayed how an unhealthy lifestyle can cause severe damage to our well-being. The ill-effects of junk food, alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, and lazy attitude were emphasized, as it is a growing concern among the millennials. The skit ended with advising the audience how easily they can recover with the right diet and exercise and live a long and healthy life. All in all, a message of healthy living and green environment was promoted on the auspicious occasion of Dada’s Birthday. A day we celebrated a living legend, a day we celebrated Dr. D Y Patil.

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