The campus has a hostel facility for both boys and girls. All rooms are air-conditioned which provides a comfortable environment that is conducive to learning. Each room has been provided with an attached bathroom with essential furniture and fixtures (a table, chair, cupboard per student). The hostel has a 24-hour water supply, and continuous electricity back up. The rooms also contain a well designed common room and well-placed water coolers. Support staff is provided for the students at the hostel.

Security is a prime concern and we ensure that it is the last thing that parents and students would have to worry about. Trained and well-equipped security personnel are present guarding the premises at all hours. The students have the facility of an in-hostel 24-hour accessible cafeteria that provides affordable and scrumptious meals to all residents. The hostel also provides reasonably priced laundry services to the students. The hostel is centrally located in the campus; meaning, all colleges and other basic needs in the university are available at short and convenient distances. A fully equipped hospital for all students is present in the campus if they ever feel under the weather at any stage during their stay here. All modes of transportation are easily available as the University is located close to the railway station and the highway.

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