Hundreds Of Blank Canvases Filled With Ideas And Inspiration

“A Blank Canvas is to be painted upon with the most vivid picture of your ideas, goals, and aspirations with a view to one day see them materialize.”

TEDx DY Patil Deemed to be University offered an opportunity worth a million to the ones that attended, and as testified by them the takeaways came in all forms; spiritual peace, harmony to the soul, a better perspective on life, the courage to pursue seemingly impossible dreams, gratitude for the little things in life, and so much more.

The first speaker Mr. Nilesh Kulkarni, former cricketer and present director of IISM was the perfect example of a seasoned speaker with his dashing personality and clear, concise speech. His talk revolved around the scope of sports management for retired sportsmen in general and also students. He strongly condemned the existing tropes of sedentary life today and the health risks associated with it. The solution he offered was a sport. We heard it from the horse’s mouth about the importance of adopting at least one sport in life to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the tremendous opportunities arising out of a career in sports management.

Tedx _0007_A24A2065Ashvin Kumar flew the flag for empathy for fellow human beings as his plea for our compassion towards our fellow ‘Kashmiris’ was heard by the audience. There was deafening silence when he played a trailer of his movie “No fathers in Kashmir” which was broken occasionally with shocked gasps from the audience as the brutal reality of Kashmir and of its people unfolded. A poignant but hard-hitting discussion ensued in the wake of his very eye-opening and radical talk. A genius film-maker of two Oscar-nominated films, a brilliant journalist, and a spectacular storyteller, Mr. Ashvin Kumar evoked inspiration by teaching everyone the importance of emotional intelligence.

Tedx _0004_DSC_1276The first female speaker of the evening, Ms. Natasha Malpani Oswal was eloquent about her struggles in her early life, with indecision and frustration relating to her career choice and she beautifully narrated her story of establishing victory over her struggles by gathering the courage to do what she loved; story-telling. An alumna of three of the most respected educational institutes in the world- Oxford, Cambridge, and Stanford- she learned to carve out a niche for herself in the field of media and founded Dice Media. Her journey from being a lost and confused student to an entrepreneur, producer, and director resonated with the students in attendance and they filled their canvases with the idea of going in pursuit of that which they love. She rightly said, “You cannot please others unless you learn to please yourself.”

Tedx _0003_DSC_1334Next, Mr. Muki Sablania walked the stage with a huge smile on his face and sat in front of his instrument setup. This wasn’t anything like the traditional TED Talk; it was a musical retreat for the audience as they were transported to a peaceful place listening to the melodies he played on his handpan, while simultaneously watching a short film about Mr. Muki Sablania leaving behind a successful corporate life to pursue his increasing inclination to music and fashioning rare musical instruments like the handpan by himself. The auditorium was filled with harmony and joy by the end of his inspiring performance. The applause that followed was deafening; going after dreams with a relentless passion like Mr. Muki was propagated by his music. He didn’t have to speak anything, his talent did the talking.

Tedx _0006_A24A2248A staunch advocate of the LGBTQAI+ community, Teenasai Balamu’s easy-going manner and thought-provoking questions instantly caught the attention of the audience. She isn’t just a typical adult, battling quarter-life crisis and pressures of the society; she is a proud member of the queer community, crusading for equal rights for members of the LGBTQAI+ community. Her beautiful voice singing a composition of her own while playing the strings of a guitar, resonated with the young audience because there was a woman, roughly their age, standing up for a cause bigger than herself.

Tedx _0002_DSC_1394Custom Technologies Co-Founder of Custom Technologies, gave the conclusive talk of the evening which mainly highlighted the beauty of simplifying seemingly complex tasks to accomplish them deftly. The audience sat awed as he exemplified his idea by explaining to them his ideology and thought process behind some of his outrageously futuristic, state-of-the-art projects. ‘Break it down’ he said, stressing on the technique of breaking down a daunting task into a more doable smaller task.

A question-answer session was conducted towards the end of the event wherein the speakers were inundated with various questions about careers, life, choices, and everything in between. Their responses to the questions were appreciated by all as their canvases were filled with inspiring ideas and big plans for the future.

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