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Role of Non Teaching Staff

• Staff must at all times observe the University Equal Opportunities Policies for staff and pupils and treat pupils, parents and other stakeholders in accordance with those policies
• As the technical and administrative staffs are expected to work closely with the faculty of the university in day-to-day activities.
• The staff must Respect the prerogative of the faculty members to look after the education of the student and provide all assistance needed in the discharge of his/her duties in imparting education.
• Develop friendly and co-operative relationship with the faculty members Provide full cooperation and support to the faculty members for the development of university
• A member of technical and administrative category is expected to develop fraternal relationships with his/her colleagues to nurture proper interpersonal relationships and to develop team spirit.
• Extend co-operation to his/ her colleagues in activities relating to academic and administrative matters and the development of his/her profession.
• Refrain from passing information about colleagues to any individual or agency without his/her express permission.