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A library provides the resources and information for all your varied needs —access to online articles and journals, books, e-books, audio books, DVDs and more to get your work done with the most relevant and current information. Such are the libraries of DY Patil Deemed to be University that contains such a tremendous selection of books written by various authors from across the globe. Seating a large number of students on a daily basis, it provides a safe space for students to study.

The libraries have a capacity of accommodating 500+ students and faculty members. The Libraries are functional 24/7 and have 14000+ Textbooks, 5000+ Reference books, 400+ Indian & Foreign Journals and 3500+ e-journals. Each day, the libraries a refilled with undergraduate and postgraduate students with a large variety of books, study materials and laptops, educating themselves with knowledge of medicine and preparing themselves to be well informed Health Care Professionals. Facilities such as biometric ID card scanners provide the ease of maintaining student records in regards to entry and exit timings, issued books, etc.


Moot Court is an integral aspect of life of a law student and the lessons learn by participation in Moot Court help the student to stand tall in the real court like scenario when they enter the profession. The school of Law conducts A moot court competition which simulates a court hearing (usually an appeal against a final dec relevant law, prepare written submissions, and present oral argument). Mooting is not the s common elements with these activities. It is a specialized application of the art of persuasive a century and plays an important role in legal education. Students are usually involved in drafting memorials or memoranda and participating in oral argument.

The ambiance of Moot Court Hall which has in-housed books, bare acts, commentaries, properly arranged podiums, Statue of lady Justice, images of the preamble of Constitution, etc. is itself an important factor which encourages the students to participate in the Moot Court. Mooting is the better way to learn the law than to read, interpret, comprehend, and understanding the research, framing arguments, and write. Mooting delivers a holistic approach to learning the Law and adopted the law in practice.