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Teaching & Learnig Activities

Innovative Teaching Methods

• Lesson Plan introduced in each semester in all institutions.
• The School of Law organizes “Industry-Academic Linkage” meetings.
• Personality development
• Leadership training
• Out-come-based education.
• Industrial Training Programmes in Management, Biotechnology and Medicine Faculties.
• Using computers, making power point presentations
• Competency-based education

Student - centric learning

Student-centric learning is very important to inculcate the subject knowledge efficiently. This is achieved by adopting the Teaching methodologies suited for the students

• Problem-based learning
• Computer assisted learning
• Integrated teaching
• Seminars
• Use of museums with specimens and models and description catalogues
• Quiz competitions
• Simulated learning
• Ward rounds
• Skill lab
• Case presentations
• Microteaching
• Real life case scenarios
• Journal club
• Presentation of papers/posters at various conferences
• Microteaching
• Tutorials
• Wall magazines
• Clinical meetings
• Clinico-pathological sessions