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“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education. “By Franklin D. Roosevelt
DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law aims to prepare a diverse body of efficient and professional lawyers for the ethical practice of law around the globe and creates law-abiding citizens with human values, train well-rounded, critical, and socially conscious thinkers and doers with high quality and integrity to serve the public interest. DY Patil Deemed to be University has the objective to provide the best quality education that exposes students to the theory and legal doctrine and provides practical skills to which create excellent professionals to serve our nation. Our motive is to provide fully rounded and meticulous legal education with theoretical and practical approaches to prepare top quality scholar of the law profession.

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law is dedicated to providing students with excellent and advanced quality higher education, knowledge, skills and ethical values for the field of the legal profession and produce excelsior professionals for the legal sector for our nation. School of Law has a mission to be nationally recognized for technologically advanced teaching and learning facilities for students with a historic tie with nation and region. We are committed towards excellence in teaching techniques that goes beyond basic legal principle to practical legal training for students that reflect their role in legal the system.

1. DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law aims in legal education that prepares students for any professional role they might choose–legal practice or legal education, entrepreneurial ventures, international private or public law practice, corporate practice, government service, alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation, or work with non-profit organizations.
2. Law Graduates from DY Patil University School of Law do many things in their careers, and they all take with them the analytic skills emphasized during their years at the School of Law.
3. DY Patil University School of Law has an objective to educate individuals through advanced educational technology to gain a comprehensive command of the fundamental areas of law.
4. Globally advanced teaching techniques will enable students to understand the legal theories, principal of laws, discussion of supreme court citation that engages students in legal analysis and problem-solving.
5. DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law has the educational objective are attained through a comprehensive curriculum approved” by THE BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA and UGC norms.
6. DY Patil Deemed to be University has ensured one of the best infrastructure and other advanced technological facilities for students to suitably impart professional legal studies.
7. Prepares law students to anticipate and adapt to future development in the law profession with a practical and theoretical approach.
8. Law graduates from School of Law shall be fully trained, equipped, and prepared to lead the law profession in the future such as lawyers in various courts, law firms, corporate legal offices, judiciary services, and positions in local, state, and central government bodies