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Alumni Achievements

Sr. No. Name Year Achievement
1 Kunal Samani 2007-2009 Recipient of 2nd prize for making Biodiesel out of waste vegetable oil (WVO), sponsored by Tirupati
2 Anirudh Madan 2012-2014 Hiring Manager Adoption Winner recognized Globally .
3 Akhil Rajput 2017-2019 a) Registered player of Cricket Association of Mizoram Winner of Inter university tournament at Banaras University.
b) Best Batsman at Viswanathan Trophy.
c) second place in Rohinton Baria Cricket Trophy .
d) Third place in Mumbai university inter collate sports tournament.
4 Riya Rathod 2017-2020 Maha Winner in Miss Perfect Maharashtra 2019
5 Rupeksha Jain 2010-2012 Received Assocham Excellence Award for her enterprise PERSONA.
6 Sairaj Patil 2017-2019 Played Cricket from North Mumbai Panthers in Mumbai T20.
7 Umashamkar 2017-2019 Played Cricket from Raigad District Cricket association.
8 Renu Mishra 2009-2011 Best MTCE/ASI Innovation Award 2017 at Pepscio.
9 Rushab K 2015 HEF Young Entrepreneurship Award 2020
10 Abhishek Nair 2018-2020 a) Awarded Best Extempore Speaker at KC Gandhi 2019.
b) Awarded Best Research Paper on OLA Cab in 2018.
11 Ramya Nair 2012-2014 Awarded Best employee n best performer of the month
12 Viraj Patil 2006-2008 AwardedEmployee of the Year 2017-2018 Amplifon India Pvt. Ltd.
13 Chavan Prathamesh Pramod 2017-19 Played cricket for India U15 and was captain of D Y Patil college team.
14 Piyush Chhabra 2017-19 Google certificate for digital marketing SAP tool course for 3 months - Certification
15 Kabra Nilam 2007-2009 Awarded best coordinator for a client at Nilam Online Fitness
16 Akshay Gaikwad 2017-19 Awarded Start performer at Global expo India
17 Aditya Gurav 2017-2019 Certified Commercial pilot at Jacobs flight services (USA)
18 Karan Bakshi 2019-2021 Represented College for National level in Football.
19 Joshi Mehul Rohit 2007-2009 Recipient of GEM (Going Extra Mile) award on 2 occasions in 2019 and 2020 Recognised with a prestigious award of Emerging Manager for his contribution towards HR function and CSR initiatives at Tata Retail by Senior Most Trustee of Tata Group Mr Cooper in the year 2015.
20 Rekhi Paresh Harjeet 2008- 2010 Published fiction novel 'Orphamily.