5th Installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of DYPUSM. held on 4th August 2022.

The 5th Installation Ceremony of the Rotarct Club of CDYPUSM was conducted on the 4th August 2022 with great enthusiasm. The theme of the event was 'Sinhaasanaaroodh'. All the students of the club were dressed in royal attires making the event live up to it's theme.
The Installation was graced by the presence of our Director and former Dean Prof.Dr.R Gopal. Rtr.DRR Rtn .Adil Khan was chief guest and Rtn. Suhaas Mistri, President of rotary club of navi mumbai bayside was the Guest of Honor. Dr.R.Gopal gave a thorough guidance to all the students and motivated them to peform better. The other guests also spoke a few words of encouragement and wisdom and guided the Rotaractors on their journey of Rotaract. Rtr. Tejas Venkatesh secretary 21-22 presented the secretarial report bringing forth the amazing events conducted in the past year.
'Efforts need to ne acknowledged' and it hold true in every stage of life. Later, Rtr. Kshitij Chakroborty president 2021-22 presented the awards to some bright stars of our Rotaract. And with this the MOCs spoke a few words for Rtr. Semantani Shekdar who was was ending her Rotaract journey here.
As a small surprise the fellow Rotatactors sang a beautiful song for the old team.. And further were given gifts as a token of love. Rtr. Zunera Dongre spoke a few words for our Outgoing President Rtr. Kshitij Chakroborty, a lovely outgoing video was presented for him and thus he gave his outgoing speech.
Rtr. Kshitij Chakroborty handed over his position to Rtr. Pritish Nandy. He was presented with a beautiful Incoming video and he also gave a short speech accepting his position. Further the year theme was released which is an extensive continuation of past year theme. 'A new team with new ideas and a fresh perspective'. Rtr. Pritish Nandy along with other esteemed dignitaries inducted his Core team and Board of Directors.
We were further introduced to our Buddy Council Member, Rtr. Sneha Wayare. With a promise to make beautiful memories with her the event went on.
Further the Zonal Rotaract Representatives were felicitated by Rtr. Pritish Nandy President 2022-23 and Rtr. Karan Shah secretary 2022-23.
Later in the Installation we were introduced to our esteemed guest of honor, Rtn. Suhaas Mistri. Sir, spoke some really encouraging words and motivated the Rotaractors. We were pleased to have Rtn. Rtr. Adil Khan and were introduced to him as well. He gave a few suggestions and spoke briefly about the role Rotaract plays in ones life.
Rtr. Tushaar Thacker Vice President 2022-23 later came to the stage to give a vote of thanks. Rtr. Karan shah secretary 2022-23 for came up on the stage for the Secretarial announcement. And finally, Rtr. Pritish Nandy adjourned the 5th Installation Ceremony of RaCDYPUSM. The podium was then open for other Club Announcements.
It was a wonderful morning spent with some bright people. We were more than pleased to have all thr dignitaries who graced us with their presence and took some time out out of their schedules. We were also overjoyed to have our fellow Rotatactors and every person who attended our 5th Installation Ceremony.