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Case Studies

D. Y. Patil University School of Management organized a "Case Study Week" from 15th November to 18th November 2016. All the 1st year MBA students participated in the discussion. The case study covered diverse fields like marketing, finance, general management and economics. Topics like Kellogg’s products, Depreciation policies of Jet airways. Organization Culture at DreamWorks Animation and Lenovo Challenges to the leader were discussed in this week. Specialized faculties in each area presented the case which were then moderated by the senior faculties. The method of Case study presentation and discussion was highly appreciated by the industry experts, faculties from other institutes and also by all the participants.

Dr. Vijay D. Patil the president of the university said “the case study discussions gives practical insights to the students and also develops their decision making abilities. It also gives the platform for the students to critically analyse the situation to make the right decisions.”

Dr. R. Gopal, Director and Head of the Institution said “The application of concepts taught in the classroom on a real life situation is the task expected to be done by a management student. The students are mature individuals and out of the box thinking makes them unique in any organization”.

Dr. Vani Kamath, Dean said, “Case study discussions develop the problem solving ability of the students. The students develop various alternative solutions to the case and become capable to choose the best solution depending on the situation.