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IT Laboratories


DYPUSM has been consciously and consistently building its I.T. infrastructure since its inception. DYPUSM has embraced technology to a very great extent.

• Air conditioned classrooms with PC and LCD projectors integrated with campus wide network
• Fiber optic network backbone and 35 MBPS Ethernet technology connecting all classrooms and departments.
• Academic ERP-Integrated Institute Management System covering On Line Transaction Processing and M.I.S. from Admission to Evaluation integrating Library, Purchase & Accounts
• The Campus Network covers all class rooms, library, faculty and staff room. The intranet has 300 computers which are interconnected by a fiber optic network. Every classroom is equipped with PC and LCD projectors integrated with campus wide network and audio system.
• Full Time students who have a laptop or other digital devices can access the learning resources available on the Campus Network and the Internet round the clock. Thus, it makes it possible for the students to access information resources anywhere and anytime in the campus.
• All members on the intranet have access to Internet 24 hours a day, through 5 mbps Leased Line. The Internet bandwidth is being enhanced every year. This has been a pioneering effort by DYPUSM.