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Love You Zindagi conducted in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of RVCE College (Bengaluru) was chaired by Rtr. SeemantiniShekdar. The project aimed at creating awareness about mental health and the disorders related to it. The lockdown and Covid-19 situation has created a large impact on the mental health of many people knowingly or unknowingly and so this project was the need of the hour. Various posts containing information about different disorders were posted from RCDYPUSM’s Social Media Handles regularly for about a week making people aware of the mental illnesses and its factors. A few live sessions with Doctors were also conducted as a part of this event.

As another step towards easing the mental state of people, RCDYPUSM had also conducted a project named Niramay 2.0. Chaired by Rtr. Simran Kaur, the project was planned with a motive of creating awareness about the mental health amongst the people. Depression and other mental health problems have been affecting a large part of our population in the recent years and have drastically increased in the pandemic. The speaker for our session, Ms. Jeevan Kharbanda addressed the issues related to mental health and made the participants aware about the need of good mental health. Rotaract Club of NSIT Regency joined hands with us for this event.