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To Become First Among Equals in the Service of Humanity through Education.

• To provide quality education and skill development in all spheres of higher learning
• To engage in quality research, innovation and application of knowledge for development of faculty and community
• To develop professional human resources in health Sciences and in other areas required for nation-building
• To put in place in dynamic techno-structure for effective use of information and communication technology in curriculum development, pedagogy and in system management
• To create a learner-centric ecosystem and support to develop all-round personality of learner
• To develop symbiotic relations with industry and other academic and research institutions to meet the expectations of various stakeholders

• To ensure that the School is amongst the TOP B Schools in India in the next 5 years i.e by 2027.
Objectives of DYPUSM
• Every student of DYPUSM will create a Success Story
• To impart contemporary knowledge to our students through State of art Pedagogical tools and ICT based teaching learning methodologies.
• To prepare our students for a challenging career in industry, trade and commerce as managers, leaders and responsible corporate citizens in all walks of life.
• To evolve the spirit of entrepreneurship and assist them in their ventures.
• To develop our students as potential teachers of high quality for higher education institutes.
• To create a conducive learning ambience.
• To nurture intellectual capital for nation building.
• To build growth engines so as to provide sustainable competitiveness.